In addition to a wealth of original material, Ahearn delves in to a musical stockpile of A-list songwriters … He is basically a romanticist, and a lot of his music is about love: lost, gained or otherwise.. He spends most of his time on stage cutting a deep swath in to music lovers everywhere.”

— Today's Post

[Ahearn] has a rich, convincing singing voice……hardly second to his singing is his multi-talented guitar playing. Never repetitious or lazy, he adds a great deal to his set by displaying a number of styles. After Ahearn began to play, it was obvious how deeply he felt about his music. This feeling and the music were nothing short of excellent. ”

— Lew O’Neil, The Villanovan

Opening for Tom Rush this Thursday through Sunday is Larry Ahearn, with his delicate hand crafted tunes of the times. Larry is reminiscent of a medium size red bear, his gruff exterior making way for a kind hearted personality and a wonderfully crafted set of songs. When he says, ‘Hi, how you doin’?’ from the stage, you’re immediately snared by a charm no one else can match.”

— The Philadelphia Inquirer

More than just another singer-songwriter, Larry Ahearn proved to be a well rounded, professional entertainer with an enjoyable distinctive style. His sophisticated finger-and-flat picking guitar accompaniments demonstrated remarkable skill and left me wondering how his fingers often seemed to be in two places at the same time. An hour with Larry Ahearn wasn’t enough. Maybe next time he’ll play longer.”

— Emmet Robinson, King Street Recording

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